Wrestling with the Beast

Neighborhood Watch Reaction


By Tom Motko

The Contest

I wake up each morning to wrestle with the Beast. The Beast lives inside me and refuses to die. I’ve managed to weaken and sedate the Beast over the almost 65 years of my life, but the Beast never dies. Whenever I think the Beast dead, a claw pierces my heart and I know the Beast still lives.

The Continuing Relevance of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Student Voices

Luther King's Hands


By Joseph Orosco

In Winter of 2014, I taught a seminar on the political philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The class takes a historical view of King’s work, tracing his thinking from the period of the Montgomery Bus Boycott until his final works dealing with the Vietnam War and the Poor People’s March.  I asked students, at the end of the class, to reflect on what they had learned about King as a … Continue reading

How the Ghost of Booker T. Washington Haunts Today’s Testing Advocates



By Mark Naison

When I read the statement from 19 Civil Rights organizations supporting universal testing in the nation’s public schools, I couldn’t help but recall a time in American History when an African American educator named Booker T Washington stepped forward with a plan to have character training and instruction in skilled trades supplant liberal arts education in schools serving African Americans,