Our Children Deserve More than the Death Culture of White Supremacy


By Chris Crass (October 6, 2015)


I feel confident in saying that the guy who did this and his racist friends would not only righteously declare “they aren’t racists”, they would likely make the argument that it’s the politically correct who can’t take a joke, who are the real racists. We must understand the modern day psychology of white supremacy in day to day practice.

White supremacy entitles white people to, in all seriousness, feel that they are the true non-racists, the “above all this race divisiveness” while simultaneously … Continue reading

A Safety Net is Not a Support System


By Teka Lark (September 29, 2015)

It makes me very sad that in the US we have a safety net to catch you in a free fall and not a universal support system that prevents you from falling. I get angry too, but it really breaks my heart when I hear people’s stories of struggle. The older I get the more I really do care. I thought I would get numb to people’s suffering, but I can’t.

Don’t Let Them Whitewash Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton


By Chris Crass (September 25, 2015)

Don’t let anyone sell you a pack of reactionary moderate whitewashing about who ‪#‎DorothyDay‬ and ‪#‎ThomasMerton‬ were, two of the Catholic leaders named by ‪#‎PopeFrancis‬. Day was an anarchist socialist founder of the Catholic Worker movement that both feeds the poor and actively opposes the capitalist system that creates poverty. Day was a member of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union, had an abortion before raising her daughter, and was a proponent of disruptive non-violent direct action. Her life’s work was dedicated to creating grassroots people’s movements … Continue reading