On Privilege, Leadership, and Passing the Mic


By Alex S. Morgan

This morning, Pagan activist and author Thorn Coyle wrote the following on Facebook:

White people: when a group asks you to come speak on social and racial justice issues and organizing, please ask if you can also put them in touch with an African American, or Latina, or… and be willing to give up your slot if need be.

Men, do the same with women.

Heterosexual people, do the same … Continue reading

Creating Safety Without Guns- An Inner City Love Story


By Mark Naison

One of the reasons I am haunted by the death of Michael Brown is that I have worked with young people in highly charged settings and have seen what they can accomplish when people who command their respect guide them, challenge them, inspire them and love them. This is a story that will help you understand where I am coming from.

The year is 1994. The crack epidemic is still with us, … Continue reading